About Us

Miller's Preschool and Child Care is your number #1 choice of daycare school that brings fun and learning together! We care for children from ages 8 months old until they graduate into kindergarten. For more than 22 years, we have been licensed by the State of California. We have been enrolled in the States’ meal plan to ensure the healthy development for your child. 

Our Mission

Enable children on independence and foster opportunities to develop their cognitive, language, social, fine and gross motor, and creative skills.

Owner, Sue Miller

Overall, Sue has 27 years of experience and has volunteered in the childcare community. She continues to volunteer in the Emergency Disaster Preparedness Program in the city of Orange.

Teachers and Facilities

Teacher Ratio: lead teacher and 2 full-time assistants 

Playroom: dress-up, kitchen toys, and free choice 

Backyard: covered patio, a large sandbox, and a grass area with playground equipment

Animal Yard: encourages children to build their social skills with no pressure as animals are easy to talk to. Also, this helps kids by working on their social skills, building their self-esteem, and developing a strong sense of empathy.

*There are separate areas for the animal interactions, especially for children with allergies or parents’ preferences.