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My Shy Child Has Developed Confidence...  

I have been with this preschool for 2 years. My shy child has developed confidence, good manners, learned the ABCs, 123s, shapes, color etc., and even Spanish! My child even loves eating fruits and vegetables that really impressed me. Sue Miller is very passionate in giving good care to her students, and she understands the uniqueness of each child. I highly recommend her preschool.

A Wonderland Full of Fun!  

A wonderland full of fun, education, and enrichment that has benefitted my son more than I could have expected! Miller's Family Preschool and Child Care have been instrumental in my little boy’s development! I love all the staff members immensely and have had an awesome experience here! I expected that my child would love the environment which of course he does, but I never expected that he would have an experience that would go above and beyond that. I now have a courteous, well-mannered little gentleman thanks to the value system and nurturing environment given at Miller's Family Preschool and Child Care.

Best decision ever!!  

Best decision ever!! My daughter has learned so much @ Millers preschool & is still learning new things. Thanks Sue & staff.

Vanessa V.   
Absolute BEST All Around!  

Absolute BEST all around! My daughter had only been cared for at home with family. I was so nervous about finding a place I would be comfortable leaving her for the majority of the day. But when I walked in to Sue's school I instantly KNEW this was the place!

I was immediately struck by the cleanliness of the playground and classroom. But Sue and her staff are the real warmth and heart of the place. I can tell that she loves my daughter and really cares about her growth and development. Not only do I have the confidence that Sue is teaching her the academics that will help her succeed in Kindergarten, but she has instilled a real sense of self reliance in my daughter.

I could go on and on about how much my little girl has learned from Sue, but in reading the latest review, that parent covered most of it. But I can leave you with this...leaving your child at Sue's is like leaving her with family. You won't find a better place!!

The Best Preschool By Far!  

The best preschool by far. My son has been attending Sue's Preschool since he was one and a half. He has learned so much while attending her preschool and the field trips she takes them on are so fun and I love attending them with him when I am able too. The staff is so friendly and caring. The music program she offers is AMAZING I really enjoy the concerts she puts on for the parents and feel really sad that my son is leaving this year to go into Kindergarten but I know thanks to her and all she has done to teach him he will have no problem in school. Definitely grateful for having my son attend such a fantastic preschool.

The Most Nurturing and Loving School!  

The most nurturing and loving school! My son thrived in Sue's program and I am so thankful that I found them when I did. Miller's Preschool takes the time to really get to know each child and family, and helps each child grow in the way that they need. My son came shy and had a hard time talking, and each teacher really worked with him on helping him. Each child is given the attention that they need, and they work with you as parents to make sure that there is consistency at home and at school. I know that my son is ready for the next step in his education, and I can go there knowing that he is fully prepared. There are days that he would surprise me with something new that he learned at school.

When my son started several years ago, I knew that it would be hard going back to work. Sue always took the time to help both my son and I adjust. He went from being a young toddler observing to being the older child and helping the other children. The care that goes into the program and that each child is taught is wonderful. You can tell that Sue really loves what she does and the people that she helps.

Miller's Preschool takes the time to teach the kids about a theme each day. They even have a music program once a week (and to my surprise I can even hear my quiet boy singing songs when he thinks I'm not looking). They learn about different animals and responsibility. It is a really well-rounded program. With years of experience, Sue has really helped me give my son a great foundation for the future. I'm so thankful that we found a second home in Miller's Preschool. I knew that each day I went to work, I was sending my son to a loving and safe place, where he was learning the skills that he needed. Thank you!

Alissa G.   
Love This Place!  

Love this place! My son, at 18 months made his first BFF on his own. He has grown so much and learned so many new things thanks to the awesome staff and wonderful kids.

Megan W.   
More Than Just a Daycare; It Has Become Like Family.  

I have been thrilled with the care my daughter has received at Miller's Family Preschool and Child Care. She started attending when she was 20 months old, and is now headed to kindergarten in the fall. Thanks to Sue and her staff, my daughter is exceptionally well prepared to enter the next phase in her life.

This is more than just a daycare; it has become like family. My daughter has made very close friends with her peers. When younger children start attending, they seem like young siblings. As an only child, I love that my daughter has been able to have such close interaction with younger kids.

My daughter has learned a lot of life skills at Miller's Family Preschool. The children assist with cooking, help feed the animals, and even learn other languages (Spanish, Farsi, and sign language). I love the performances that they put on with their music teacher a few times a year.

It will be sad to change schools, because Sue, her staff, and all of the kids have become an important part of our life. We look forward to staying in touch with Sue in the future.

I highly recommend Miller's Family Preschool and Child Care. We have had 3 fantastic years there, and I highly recommend for any other family.

Tracy N   
It's Not A Daycare, It's A School!  

My son started a few months ago and I have noticed a big change in him. Sue has definitely raised the bar when it comes to learning and knowing what the children need. It really is not a daycare, it’s a school! I love the face that there is structure!!! I don’t have to worry about my son being plopped in front of a TV all day. Sue always has projects, music lessons and fieldtrips to keep their little minds exploring. Sue has made leaning fun and enjoyable for kids. Also love the fact that my son wants to go there and see Sue and his friends. I would absolutely recommend Sue Miller's Family Preschool & Child Care to anyone!

If I Could Give Twenty Stars, I Would!  

If I could give twenty stars, I would! Our now 2 and a half year old son has been attending Miller's Family Preschool & Child Care for just over a year, and we couldn't be happier.

All of the staff are exceptionally well trained and clearly LOVE what they do! My son has grown leaps and bounds in the time he has spent there - and considering that he talks about the staff nonstop even when at home or on vacation, it's clear that he loves being there and is very well taken care of.

This is much more than a daycare - it's a school that challenges my son to grow every day! I love the diversity of activities offered - field trips, water days, playing with an array of animals (bunnies, ducks, tortoises, etc.) - the staff is very creative! They're also great about providing healthy food options and are able to get our picky eater to eat things he never would at home! We were so nervous about putting our son in childcare for the first time, but we ABSOLUTELY made the right call in bringing him here.

Sue (the owner) has also helped my wife and I to grow as parents, too. She has many, many years of experience and it's easy to see that she understands children on a very deep level. She's shared experiences and input with us that have helped us to nurture and support our son better. She and Alan have become like family! We are so grateful for this wonderful place and HIGHLY recommend them without reservation.

Mike L.   
Best In The Business!  

My son goes to Sue's for school, yes school, not just childcare. She and her staff are the best in the business. My son adores her school, and adores Sue herself. He has become very smart and well mannered at Sue's. Sue always scores a 10 out of 10 (if not 12) on her inspections too.

As A Nervous First-Time Mom...  

As a nervous first-time mom, I screened countless Orange County childcare providers. Sue was the only provider with enough childcare program experience- 20 years worth- to be able to answer all my concerns. Her facility was the only one that offered monthly field trips, daily bilingual and sign language lessons, weekly music classes, and a generous backyard play area.

Individually, your child gain confidence in successfully completing daily tasks like wiping the table where they've eaten or taking out their nap mat. They will learn respect for animals through the monitored time they have feeding and caring for tortoises and ducks. They will come home saying phrases like "May I..."; and "Please ask before you take that"; because Sue has taught them perfect manners. They may even surprise you when they can count to 25 in Spanish, English, and sign language.

As a family, you can join in on field trips to science museums, air balloon rides, or a local farm. You get to watch your kids perform in themed concerts. Not to mention the other seasonal events she offers like holiday caroling and Thanksgiving potlucks.

I have referred two friends here who would agree that Miller's Family Preschool will give your little one(s) such a great start academically and socially.